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1. Does the Minnesota Board of CLE approve course sponsors?
No. Minnesota does not approve course sponsors. The CLE Board office reviews each course individually and approves courses that comply with Rules requirements.
2. How does a course get approved?
A course sponsor or attendee must apply for CLE credit. Use the Course Credit Accreditation form either online or by mail. Include a copy of the detailed agenda showing start and stop times for each session, the subject matter addressed during each session, and faculty.
3. How long does it take a course to be reviewed?
The Board office takes on average 4 to 6 weeks to review and determine if a course qualifies for credit. It can take longer if the course application or attachments are not complete, or if payment is not enclosed. Courses submitted online generally take less time to review.
4. How much is the fee for review of course applications?
-No fee for live courses that are 60 minutes or less in length.

-No fee for a video replay of an approved course.

-$35 for live courses that are more than 60 minutes in length – if submitted by paper.

-$20 for live courses that are more than 60 minutes in length – if submitted through OASIS.

-$35 for all on-demand courses, regardless of length of time – if submitted by paper.

-$20 for all on-demand courses, regardless of length of time – if submitted through OASIS.

5. What are the standards for course approval?
Find the standards for course approval in CLE Rule 5.
6. Can a course sponsor submit applications online?
Course sponsors are encouraged to submit course requests online for a faster determination.  Request a sponsor ID number and password at Please provide the following with your request:

  1. Organization/Firm Name
  2. Address (Street, Suite # (if applicable), City, State & Zip)
  3. Contact Person
  4. Email Address and Telephone Number for the Contact Person.   
7. Are courses approved based on a 50 or 60 minute hour?
Minnesota approves courses based on a 60-minute hour. Courses are approved in 15 minute increments. For example, a 1 hour and 15 minute course is approved for 1.25 credits; a 30 minute course is approved for .5 credits. A 50 minute course is rounded down to .75 credits.
8. How do I know if my course has been approved?
If you use OASIS, track the status online. If you mail in your Course Accreditation Form, you will receive either an email or mail notification once a determination has been made.
9. Do Q&A portions of a course count towards credit hours?
Generally, yes.
10. Do introductory remarks or breaks count towards credit hours?
11. Do lunch segments receive credit?
Lunch programs are approved if the requirements of Rule 5A are met and the classroom setting requirements defined by Rule 2E are satisfied. No credit is given for the lunch time prior to or following the presentation.
12. How does an On-Demand course get approved?
On-Demand courses will be approved if all requirements of Rule 6D, Rules 2R, and 5 are met.  The period of approval will be 24 months from the date of approval.  If the course is submitted prior to the recording date, the approval period will begin on the date of the original recording of the program.  Regardless of the length of the program, on-demand courses will require a fee to be reviewed by the Board.
13. Is there a fee to submit an On-Demand course for review?
Yes.  On-Demand courses as defined by Rule 2R and as described in Rule 6D require payment regardless of the length of the program.  If submitted via paper the fee is $35 and if submitted via OASIS, the fee is $20.
14. How do I know if my course qualifies for elimination of bias credit?
Courses will be approved for elimination of bias credit if they meet the requirements of Rule 2G and 6B.  Please see Elimination of Bias Credit under the Minnesota CLE Rules: Course Review and Accreditation Determinations, a guide for course sponsors as they plan programming for which they intend to see elimination of bias credit.