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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are lawyers’ CLE reporting requirements?
What is a CLE category?
How do I find out my reporting category?
I am in Category 2, but I was just admitted to practice in Minnesota in October 2015. Am I due to report in 2016? When is my first reporting period?
If I have more than 45 hours of CLE, can I carry over CLE credits into the next reporting period?
I was admitted in October 2015 and attended CLE courses prior to July 1st of 2016. Can I use those credits for my initial reporting period?
What are the Elimination of Bias and Ethics requirements? Why are these required?
When do I report attendance?
Is there a fee for reporting CLE attendance?
If I am not finished with CLE requirements at the end of the cycle, can I apply for a filing deadline extension?
Are courses approved based on a 50 or 60 minute hour?
If I report my CLE credits online through OASIS, do I need to do anything further?
If I don’t want to file online but want to file on paper, where can I find an affidavit of CLE attendance?
Can I attach a separate sheet or make my own form instead of using the Board’s affidavit form?
Can I attend more than 3 hours of Ethics course or more than 2 hours of Elimination of Bias courses?
Do sponsors report attorney attendance to the Minnesota CLE office?
Will I be notified if everything on my paper affidavit is complete?
What is the best way to get a response to my question?
Can I stop by during office hours to discuss my question with a staff member?
If I report my attendance credits online, do I have to report all the courses I attended all at once for the entire 3-year compliance period?
Do I need to file a hard copy affidavit if I reported my course attendance online?
I see “0 credits” next to the course I’m looking for. What does that mean?
How do I report courses that have breakout sessions that may have multiple sessions with varying lengths of time and multiple credit types?
What happens when a course is denied CLE credit?
How can a lawyer get a course approved?
How long does it take to get a course approved in Minnesota?
How many credits do I get for attending a course?
How much is the fee for course review applications?
What are the standards for approving courses for CLE credit?
How can I find out if a course is already approved?
Does Minnesota have CLE reciprocity with other states?
How do I change my address or phone number?
How can I get a Certificate of Good Standing?
Can I report teaching/preparation time in OASIS?
How do I request a fee waiver?


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