Retired Lawyers – Emeritus

Retired lawyers may elect “Emeritus Status” by submitting an Affidavit of Emeritus Status. CLE Rule 14 authorizes Emeritus Status lawyers to provide pro bono legal representation to a pro bono client when the client has been referred to the lawyer by an approved legal services provider. Emeritus status lawyers’ licenses remain on CLE restricted status.

To qualify for Emeritus Status, a lawyer must:

1. Have filed a Retirement Affidavit pursuant to Rule 2(C)(5) of the Rules of the Supreme Court on Lawyer Registration and be on Retired status.

2. Be on voluntary (rather than involuntary restricted) status for CLE. Lawyers whose CLE status has been involuntarily restricted must contact the CLE office to resolve that issue prior to submission of the Affidavit for Emeritus Status.

For more information on qualifying for Emeritus status, see Rule 14.

To apply for Emeritus Status, a lawyer must:

1. Attend or participate in no fewer than 5 credit hours of approved CLE courses in the 90 days immediately preceding the application. The 5 credit hours must include 1 hour of ethics and 1 hour of bias.

2. Submit an Affidavit of Emeritus Status (Appendix IV) showing compliance with the requirements of CLE Rule 14.

Current Emeritus Status Lawyers:

You can now view if a lawyer is on Emeritus Status by searching the public database. Their fee status will show RETIRED – FEE EXEMPT, their CLE status will show EM (Emeritus), and next to Authorized to Practice Law? it will show “Limited.”

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