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Helpful search hints:

1. Key words: Enter one key word from the course title in the title field (for example, if you are looking for a course titled “Advertising Law Institute 2015” sponsored by PLI, type the word “advertising” in the title field).

2. Dates: Put in one keyword first. Then put the date of the course in the first date field and leave all remaining fields blank. Click on SEARCH. (Please note: if you can’t remember the exact date of the course but you know you attended it in October, you can just enter “10/01/2015” in the first date field (leave all remaining fields blank) and then click on SEARCH. It will pull up all the courses held on 10/01/2015 and later that match your keyword.

3. Event codes: If you know the event code assigned to the course, you can enter the event code in the Event Code box (leave all remaining fields blank) and click on SEARCH.

4. Pending status: If the course status reads “pending” that means the course has been submitted to the CLE Board office for approval but has not yet been reviewed and determined by the CLE Board office staff.